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The Shruti Foundation ( A Non-Profit Organization ) here in Tampa, we have joined together to promote Indian Culture in the Tampa Bay community through India's rich performing Arts in Music and Dance. The Shruti Foundation has been a steadily and progressively growing platform that has continued to bring the best Artists from India - here, to our community to share and enrich the lives of all. We are excited to start a New and Grand Tradition in Tampa Bay...the first annual Tampa Bay Indian Music & Dance Festival. Our first Festival will be appropriately held at the India Cultural Center on May 21. This will be an all day extravaganza, that will attract Indian & non-Indian audiences alike. With almost a dozen World Class Musicians and some locally- based musicians & dancers- this Festival will proudly showcase India's rich Music and Dance Culture and will be highlighted with Indian Food Vendors, Yoga, Kirtan and much more.

 Festival will start at Time : 11 am to 8:30 PM ( Full Day)

 Yoga and Live Music by Val Spies and Cheryl Chaffee and Friends Online Discount Tickets Available Master Musicians From India - 1.Sangeet Natak Academy Winner Pandit Nayan Ghosh ( Sitar/ Tabla). 2.Sangeeta Lahiri ( Vocal). 3.Child Prodigy Master Ishan Ghosh ( Tabla). 4. Rohan Prabhudesai ( Harmonium). 5. Tara Priyadarshini ( Bharatanatyam Dance). 6. K. V. Mahabala (Sitar) 7. Radharaman Kirtane (Vocal) 8 Madhuri Gudla ( Kuchipudi Dance) 9. Lavanya Dinesh (Vocal) 10. Shankhachur Lahiri ( Tabla) 11. Thiru Pant (Tabla).

Sunday, 20 March 2016 00:39

Color Festival - Holi Celebration

The Shruti Foundation presents an Indian Classical Music Concert featuring multi-award winning vocalist from India Sangeeta Lahiri (semi-classical and Folk), Jay Gandhi on Bansuri Flute, Shanchachur Lahiri on Tabla and Sayali Goswami performing Kathak Dance.


The event takes place in the evening of Easter Sunday and is also celebrating the Indian holiday of ‘Holi’ – designated to pay tribute to Diversity and Creativity. This rare Tampa Bay area concert highlights the brother-sister duo of Sangeeta and Shankh Lahiri as well as the added Dance element by professional Kathak Dancer and Teacher Sayali Goswami from California, combined with the Internationally touring flautist Jay Gandhi based in New York.


Tickets can be purchased online at before the show for $20 or by calling 813 549 9252.  $25 at the Door.

Sunday, 10 January 2016 00:54

Student Recital

Namaste to all our Students and Parents, 
       Wishing you all a very Happy New Year a wonderful Musical year with the blessing of Ma Saraswati. 
       This year we are going to celebrate our upcoming Shruti Aim Student Recital Concert on February 6th from 4 to 7 pm. It will be held at St. Pete college, Gibbs Campus - at the beautiful Music Center. It is a great place to play music and it will be an amazing experience for all of our students. We will have special Solo and Ensemble performances and we are planning to give special awards and recognition to our students at the end, so we are requesting parents and students to stay all the way to the end and support the other students even if your student has already performed. This event will be a free event for 
all parents and guests. 
Student entry fee will be $30
OUR FINAL REHEARSAL WILL BE ON SUNDAY, JANUARY 31st @ 10 am to 1 pm, all Students must be present. 
If you have any questions please call or email. 
This event is going to be spectacular... keep practicing  and playing music from your HEART. 
Wishing you all the best - 
Shankh and Heather Lahiri.  

Inspiring & Bridging The World Through Cultural Music
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Shankhachur Lahiri
Friday, 04 December 2015 02:58

Rajib Karmakar

Rajib Karmakar is undoubtedly one of the finest young sitar players  today. Years of learning have resulted in an extensive techniqueand deep understanding of diverse musical styles. His open mind has led to an extension of his musical horizon to incorporate imaginative experiments in world music styles that delight the young and the old. He has performed all over the world, in prestigious music concerts and festivals. He is the creator of the world’s first double necked electric Sitar ” Mayur Tantri” .rajib_15Rajib’s versatility has ably adapted his classical knowledge and skill in his fusion projects like Wahh(USA), Fuzorhythm(India), Loop Science(Germany), Nada Naissance(France) etc.

He is currently residing in Los Angeles, California as a performer, educator and digital artiste Rajib is performing frequently in India and abroad including USA, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland etc. and has given performances in Festival of India(Ottawa), Boom Festival(Portugal), Hip-Hop Connection Festival (Austria), Festival De Papillotes(France), Ministry of Culture(Spain), European Yoga Congress(Switzerland), Ganesh Mahotsav(India), ARS Musica(Germany) etc and was awarded numerous awards including “Surmasitarrajibni” , California Institute of the Arts Scholarship.

Already at this young age he is well appreciated by his audience and critics for his artistic aspects & nuances of diverse styles and a mastery of technical skill. His concerts are always smarked for their aesthetic appeal and improvisation blended with a fine command of technical expertise. Rajib is an instrumentalist with an unique musical sense, innovative skills and the touch of swift, agile fingers. Be it at his Indian Classical Music Concerts or his World Music Concerts, he can almost immediately mesmerize audience of all ages.


Awards and Achievements:

Adjudged 1st in All India Youth Festival (Eastern Zone) in the year 2004.

Adjudged 2nd in National Youth Festival in the year 2005.

Adjudged 2nd in Paschimbangya Rajya Sangeet Academy,2006.

Adjudged 1st in Maya Mitra Memorial Instrumental Competition hosted by Aurobindo Institute of Culture in the year 2008.

Adjudged 2nd in 1st International Youth Festival, 2009 hosted by M.D.S.University, Ajmer, Rajasthan.

Awarded title “SURMANI” by Sur Singar Samsad, Mumbai in the year 2010.

Other than these he had performed in various places of India like Delhi , Beneras , Kolkata , Rajasthan , Jharkhand etc. and in various places of Europe and also performed in Radio and TV in various countries .

Past Concerts:


• Wahh! Live in Concert at Bengali Society of Florida, Orlando, Florida, Jan 31

• Wahh! Live in Concert at House of Blues, Los Angeles, California, Jan 24

• Wahh! Live in Concert at The Mint, Los Angeles, California, Jan 22

• Concert in NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Anaheim, California, Jan 22, 2014

• Concert in Theatre Rogue Du Conservatoire, Montreal, Canada, Dec 6

• Concert in Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts, Halifax, Canada, Nov 15

• Concert in Burhamthorpe Library Theatre, Mississauga, Canada, Nov 14

• DharaWorld Music Concert at Blue Whale Jazz, Los Angeles, USA, Oct 21

• Concert in Heilingenkreuz im Lafnitzal, Austria, Oct 18

• LA India Ensemble Concert at Disney, CA, USA, Sept 24

• Wahh! CD Release Concert in Springhill, Florida, USA, Aug 17

• Concert in Festival of India, Ottawa, Canada, Aug 9

• Concert in Toronto Music Garden, Toronto, Canada, July 24

• Concert in Castello Di Romeo, Montecchio Maggiore, Italy, June 12

• Concert in Point De Basculle, Marseille, France, May 17

• Concert in CalArts World Music and Dance Festival, CA, USA, May 3

• Concert in Indian Culture Center, Tampa, Florida, April 16

• DharaWorld Music Concert, CalArts, Valencia, CA, USA, January 27

• Concert in India Cultural Center, Tampa, Florida, January 4

• Wahh! World Music Concert for WNMF Radio, Clearwater, Florida, January 3


• Indian Classical Music and Dance concert in Roy O. Disney Hall, CalArts, Valencia, CA, December 9

• Sringara Indian Classical Trio Concert in Festival Yoga sur l’Atlantique, La Rochelle, France, June 1

• Concert in Festsaal der Ayur Veda Klinik, Kassel, Germany, May 18

• Concert in Espacio Rhonda, Madrid, Spain, May 11

• Hip-Hop Connection Festival, Wien, Austria, April 20

• Festival de Papillotes, Brest, France, April 6


• IndiaSphere Diwali festival, Graz, Austria, November 11

• Boom Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, July 28–August 4

• Nada-Naissance Concert, Durgapur, India, March 10

• Concert in Mondial Centrum, Haarlem, Holland, February 11

• Concert in Casa De La India for Ministry of Culture, Valladolid, Spain, March 31

2011 and before

• European Yoga Congress, Zinal, Switzerland, August 26, 2011

• Buhne im Burgertreff, Hamburg, Germany, May 7, 2011

• Theatre im Waaghaus, Winterthur, Switzerland, November 27, 2010

• Le Cazard, Lausanne, Switzerland, November 18, 2010

• Theatre Palazzo, Liestal, Switzerland, November 12, 2010

• Sanskar Bharati Concert, Bokaro, India, April 20, 2008

• Fuzorhythm Concert in Tollygunj Club, Kolkata, India, October 13, 2007

• Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India, March 20, 2007

• Ganesh Mahotsav, Varanasi, India, August 20, 2004

• A.I.R (All-India-Radio) Concert, Kolkata, India, February 5, 1998

Friday, 04 December 2015 02:31


Shankh Lahiri - Tabla and Vocal

Rajib Karmakar - Sitar and E-Sitar

Peter Mongaya - Electric Guitar

Ray Villadonga - Bass

Michael Washington - Drums

Jolly Mukherjee - Vocal

Surrendra Ramdehal - Keys

Heather DeRigo - Percussion

Prattyush Banerjee - Sarod

Friday, 04 December 2015 02:29

WAAH World Fusion Band

Shankh Lahiri - Tabla and Vocal

Rajib Karmakar - Sitar and E-Sitar

Peter Mongaya - Electric Guitar

Ray Villadonga - Bass

Michael Washington - Drums

Friday, 04 December 2015 02:28


Food, snacks, etc.

Friday, 04 December 2015 02:16

Bollywood Music by Jolly Mukherjee

Jolly Mukherjee - Vocal

Friday, 04 December 2015 02:16

The Violin Brothers

Debshankar Roy and Jyotishankar Roy - Violins

Heather DeRigo - Percussion

Surrendra Ramdehal - Keys

Friday, 04 December 2015 02:06

Sarod by Prattyush Banerjee

Prattyush Banerjee - Sarod

Shankhchur Lahari - Tabla

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